Self-regulation is the Greatest Gift We Can Give to Children

Children who experience nurturing and stable care-giving, go on to develop greater resilience and the ability to self-regulate uncomfortable and overwhelming emotions.


Mine wants to help Early Years practitioners to do their best by every child in their care. This means working closely with a range of teams, to support and enable them to feel motivated, happy and equipped to deal with the challenges they face in their practice. Her qualifications and breadth of experience as an Early Years practitioner, lecturer, researcher and award-winning author ensure that she helps all teams to continue improving their provision - and outcomes for all children and their families.


Mine is a popular choice when it comes to delivering key note speeches and CPD. She is a regular at all the major early years events, including the Nursery World Show, Childcare Expo, the London Early Years Foundation and Funzing - Mine's talks frequently sell-out for this event and are always very well received by the audience.


Mine is the author of Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues (20 Nov 2014) and author of a second book, Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice (12 Jan 2017), which achieved the High Commendation award in the Best Professional Book category of the Nursery World Awards 2017. The book is receiving positive feedback from professionals within the sector and in the wider community.

Applying Neuroscience to Early Intervention

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Most professionals who work with or on behalf of children are not taught about the science of early brain development and the irreversible impact that trauma has on this complex process: nor are they trained in recognising the signs of the trauma or how to support these children.

How can we expect these children to thrive in our care?

This Programme will build your knowledge of early brain development, the effects of early adverse experiences and how to nurture all children’s wellbeing and potential.

Early Childhood and Neuroscience

Theory, Research and Implications for Practice

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  • One of the best speakers! Immediate, knowledgeable, determined and fun!!!

    SEMINAR TESTIMONIALSLDN Talks | Inside the Brain of a Child
  • A very engaging and informative presentation. Can’t wait to buy Mine’s book and have a good read of the theory and evidence, to relate it to my own practices. Highly recommend!

    SEMINAR TESTIMONIALSLDN Talks | Inside the Brain of a Child
  • Hello Mine. You gave a talk once at LJMU for Education studies and Early Years students. Ever since, I have been hooked on your work which has inspired me and I would like to thank you.

    SEMINAR TESTIMONIALSStudent at Liverpool John Moores University
  • Excellent! Listening to Mine made me realise that more people need to be informed about the neurological development of children and the power that love and nurture have!

    SEMINAR TESTIMONIALSLDN Talks | Inside the Brain of a Child
  • Wow! Yesterday was amazing and so inspirational x Mine you really know how to light the room with your enthusiasm x All of my team including myself came away feeling empowered and confident to make changes which will have such a positive impact. I really can't thank you enough. Looking forward to our next meeting!

    SEMINAR TESTIMONIALSJayne Windsor, Manager of Clare House Nursery, Somerset.
  • Working at Body & Soul, a childhood adversity charity, we see many people who have experienced significant trauma in their early lives. Mine’s research is crucial for understanding the effects of trauma and toxic stress on the brain, and sharing what can be done to transform these effects so that children and adults alike can thrive regardless of their past experiences. Great talk Mine!

  • Inspirational talk and excellent research from Mine. Mine was an excellent, clear speaker, she spoke with very little crutch words which made her a great talker and clear to understand throughout the talk. I learnt tremendous amounts of information and I will become a much better person from this talk. I have a lot of respect for you. There should be more people like you. You are my new role model!

  • A FABULOUS addition to my bookshelf. Thanks for writing this book Mine. I’ve recommended it to all my students (who are scrambling to buy a copy). A long overdue look at childhood from an evidence-based neuroscience perspective, no pseudoscience, no hype, AND an enjoyable read. You’re my new hero!

    BOOK REVIEWSarah McKay, Neuroscientist, TEDx speaker, science communicator and Founder of The Neuroscience Academy
  • Early Childhood and Neuroscience: Theory, Research and Implications for Practice
  • Early Childhood Theories and Contemporary Issues: An Introduction

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